Israel has fooled the world

Now it is throwing a tantrum over the UN decision and showing its true colours.

Israel never intended peace, it never intended to negotiate.

Israel’s intentions are the annihilation of the Palestinian people, always were.

From my point of view Israel has bawked at every initiative for the last 65 years and now they are saying that Palestine has not kept to agreements. Any agreements that existed are null and void by the passage of time.

Israel has illegally imprisoned a nation, and I sincerely hope that Palestine does take them to the ICC for war crimes, because they are crimes committed against international law.

Palestine at last has some teeth; and that’s the last thing Israel wanted.

I can only hope now that there is some progress.

The international community needs to isolate Israel, withdraw all diplomatic contact until Israel withdraws from the 1967 agreed areas; that means an end to all settlements and the removal of the ones that exist. Israel’s sea and land blockade of Palestine also needs to be removed.

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