Obama Returns to the White House

Romney returns to 1954. – Borowitz Report

Thanks heavens the election is over. We don’t need to look at Romney’s smarmy face again.

Honestly, lets face it, he didn’t even look honest.

Besides he was stupid.

I’m not overjoyed that Obama won, but the alternative was disaster assured for the USA.

I mean that disaster is assured, but it would have been accelerated under Romney.

The only real answer to America’s woes are to get both the Repugnicans and Democraps out of the White House, but the American myopic view of the two party system assures that they will remain.

America is indeed headed for a civil war, and it will be in the next four years. I can’t understand any man wanting to be at the helm when the shit hits the fan, which shows the calibre of those running; stupid!

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