Their own worst enemy

I am probably going to be castigated over this post, but I am telling it as I see it.

I am normally a fairly tolerant person, in that I respect a person’s religious beliefs; given that I don’t subscribe to any (that is another story).

But I have always been dead set against the kidnappings,  stonings, hangings and frequency of executions in the name of Islam.

Christianity had these too, if you consider the book of Leviticus, but at least even the fundamentalists have thrown those out for what they are, barbaric.

But the adherents of Islam have not.

Why, does Islam want to remain in the stone age?

I admit to knowing but few Muslims, and the ones I have know have been decent people.

The spread of Islam

However, from what one reads in the news, one can’t help but think that Islam is nothing more than an excuse for blood-letting. That is not religion.

Fundamentalist Islam education is limited to the Koran

It appears that the world, in general, is tiring of all this. I read a report just yesterday that in England 59% of the voters would vote for candidates who promised to limit or deny Muslim immigration, against 33% who said the opposite. Now they are pretty weighted figures, and it doesn’t surprise me in the least.

I would imagine that the USA figures in such a poll would be even more weighted given that Muslims were blamed for 9/11, a view I do not share.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Now we have this controversy over some damned film that offends Mohammad. And all the stink in the Middle East has broken loose, especially with the deaths of the Americans in Libya. Not only that but some Lebanese religious leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has exacerbated the situation by calling for more violence.

This is not the action of a religious leader, be he Muslim, Christian or some little green man from Mars.

Inciting hostility like this can only serve to spread the violence and in doing so put the rest of the world even further off side than it is already.

I am not expecting to world of Islam to embrace America over this issue, but at least to take reprisals responsibly through the correct channels. I fully suspect that had the Islamic world taken appropriate action, then the western world would have been far more sympathetic as we have laws that prohibit religious wrongs; instead they have raised the hackles of the west.

Islam is only distancing itself further from the rest of the world through its fundamentalist violent nature.

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