Forget Romney in 2012

He’s gone!

The dogs won’t even vote for him.

Republicans looking to 2016 … Tax problems defeat Romney?

….this  a cash cow that keeps on giving to our corporations…sort of a back door  tax break..with the billionaires kicking back their under taxed bullion ..spreading the love around. The reality of the situation is that Romney’s tax problems will sink his campaign..and there’s nothing that will reverse that situation..the trend is strong and steady…the majority of Americans really don’t like the this man. Cruelty to people, cruelty to dogs…tax cuts for the super rich…why would we want this flip-flopping severley confused person for our president?

The selection of Paul Ryan clearly means the Koch brothers understand the reality of Romney and 2012, and are clearly looking to 2016 and exerting their full control. Romney’s tax returns will not be released….AND YES , it’s a really big deal. There’s so much this man is hiding from the American people. How could we have the confidence this secretive man is being straight with the American people?

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