Why we Need Wikileaks

“Since the post-9/11 launch of U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the corporate-controlled mainstream media has been remarkably successful at keeping the realities of war away from the TV screens. News executives have heeded the complaints of war hawks complaining about “unpatriotic” coverage of war and have clamped down tightly on images that might turn public opinion against war. Until recently, this censorship of war casualties included a prohibition on the broadcasting of images of military coffins arriving at Dover Air Force Base. Ignoring the grim realities of war also has allowed for its glamorization through television programs such as “Stars Earn Stripes.””The Human Cost of War on Iran

Now watch this:



Now read this:

The Human Cost of War on Iran


The mainstream media are not telling the people the real truth, by omission, they are lying to the public.

In that video I did not see one weapon on the ground.

No RPGs, no AK-47s “we have five or six individuals armed with AK-47s” that was bullshit, pure bullshit.

What we had was an Apache helicopter full of bloodthirsty, trigger happy, murderous bastards.

There was no mention of weapons found at the scene by the ground forces.

Now one can see why the American military didn’t want this video released.

This is why we need Wikileaks, because the authorities are lying to the people.

How many videos like this never reached the people?

Any attack in the Middle East will be the same, the people will NOT be told the truth, before, during nor after the event, because the government doesn’t want the people to be sensitised to the atrocities and aftermath.

Keep the people ignorant, and the people remain compliant.


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