A Forgotten Point

It has all but been forgotten that the original charges against Julian Assange were dropped by the Swedish prosecution.

Only after interference by the USA were the charges reinstated.

Now tell me about the Swedish justice system.

The charges were reinstated to get Assange to Sweden where he could then be extradited to the USA easier than from England.

Media Circus

I have just read the most despicable series of comments written by journalists from around the world. Media Reaction to Balcony Speech, BBC

There wasn’t an ounce of serious journalism in them.

The authors and approving editors need to be sacked for such a disgrace. More worried about his shirt and tie than the issue, they made fools of themselves.

How about some serious journalism?

Assange has never tried to evade the Swedish investigation. He has made several attempts to have the questions asked in a safe location where extradition to the USA is not an issue, but the Swedes have refused. If the Swedes were interested in justice, they should welcome the opportunity.

Which, apparently, they are not.

This is all that despite the fact that the extradition is based on investigation, which is not extraditable, Assange can only be extradited if he has been charged, which he has not. Therefore Assange is perfectly within his rights to feel that the extradition is illegal. How the British and European justice system has failed in this respect one can only imagine more interference by the Americans behind closed doors, which the Americans are so good at, and this is what Wikileaks is all about in exposing this type of  skullduggery.

America, Britain and Sweden are going to finish up with egg all over their faces.

Especially, if consular repercussions are a possibility.

Australia should be ashamed of itself. Assange is an Australian citizen, and his own government have washed their lily-white hands of him. Guess why, wouldn’t want to upset the Americans, would we?

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