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Rio+20: Jeffrey Sachs on how business destroyed democracy and virtuous life

The world famous economist on corporate control, the search for happiness and why a multi-disciplinary approach is the only way to find solutions to sustainability challenges

Speaking at Rio+20, Jeffrey Sachs described how business has destroyed the US democratic system and created addiction to consumption. Photograph: Graeme Robertson

Jeffrey Sachs, the economist and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, speaks with a velvet tongue but packs a mighty punch.

Big business, he says, is not responsible only for destroying the American democratic system, but has also transformed citizens into consumer addicts.

While multinationals continue to line their own pockets, what they leave in their wake is billions of people who are not only unhappy, but are suffering increasing levels of anxiety.

While a few companies are serious about dealing with the sustainability challenges of our age, Sachs says many more are still engaging in green washing, while he describes the fossil-fuel lobby, and the Koch brothers in particular, as “disgusting.”

A dangerous direction

Not only is Sachs clear that the old economic paradign, which is based on a fixation of GDP growth, is leading us to disaster, but that we need to find a completely new way of measuring the success of society.

Sachs, who amongst many roles is special adviser to UN secretary-general Ban ki-Moon on the millennium development goals, believes the creation of a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) could be one route towards achieving that.

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I said all much the same thing yesterday and today on Eco-Crap. Rio +20 was a failure because of the ‘business first to hell with the planet’ paradigm. And, until that changes the planet and any attempt to make the planet a better place are doomed. Sachs says a lot more and says it far more eloquently than I.

Basically, he’s saying that BIG BUSINESS has screwed the world beyond recovery!

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