China in Denial

Clinically, China is in denial.

Trying to pretend that the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown never happened.

It did. The whole world knows it, most of China knows it, but the petty little psychopaths that ‘run’ China pretend it didn’t happen.

China is a sick, very sick puppy.

Any clinician will tell you that healing cannot even begin to happen until you rise above denial.

China desperately wants to run the world. Global domination is foremost in the minds of the petty little psychopaths.

So, they go on pretending that Tiananmen didn’t happen. On this anniversary of their biggest mistake the petty little psychopaths are perpetuating the memory of the very Tiananmen that they deny.

This proves they are psychopathic, because psychopaths can’t see the wood for the trees.


Tiananmen Square happened.

There is nothing the petty little psychopaths can do to make it go conveniently away.

Until they face up to it, there can be no forward to China.

The way forward, admit it, apologise for it, take responsibility for a wrong judgment call, stop persecuting those who will not make it go away…

But psychopaths can’t admit they were wrong, that’s part of being a psychopath.

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