The British Stiff Upper Lip is Quivering


Bear in mind that I have transgender and homosexual friends and a step son who is effeminately gay. So I have license to say what I think and pass on the reactions of my friends.

Oh, and I am still  proud to have been the owner of a  Golliwog, so to hell with political correctness.

Paddy Power transgender TV ad was offensive

You can read the BBC News article here.

I am not going to reprint the article here as I normally would have because I am incensed at the whole issue.


Having read the article and rushed off to see the clip on YouTube, I see no problem. I thought is was dead funny.

The thin-skinned complainants in this issue need to get a life.

All I have referred this story to have seen the humour that was obviously intended by Paddy Power. The complaint that the woman coming out of the male toilet was called a ‘dog’ is entirely misunderstood; she was not. The off-camera voice had twice previously stuttered over the word in apparent confusion.

The world has become a very sick sick place when we can’t laugh at ourselves.

Load of old bollocks!

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