“on the precipice of destroying” a police service

The home secretary is “on the precipice of destroying” a police service admired throughout the world, rank-and-file officers have warned.

It comes as forces in England and Wales are experiencing budget cuts of 20% and are in line for some of the most radical reforms for 30 years.

Theresa May is addressing the Police Federation conference in Bournemouth.

She told officers the government is standing firm and that cuts and reforms are essential.

“Policing has to take its share of cuts and for the good of the country we have to see them through,” she said.

The home secretary said police should “stop pretending” they were “being picked on”, adding that the reforms were in the long-term interest of the service.

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Cut the military, cut politicians salaries, but don’t touch the police!

May’s assumption that the police are like spoiled children and ‘being picked on’ is quite childish in itself.

While she sees cuts that are ‘in the long-term interest’ she is forgetting entirely that at the other end it will cost more in criminal activity; a lot more than any cuts she can make.

In America we are already seeing the result of downsizing police forces as criminality rises sharply and she wants the same thing to happen in Britain.

Politicians really are very stupid!

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