The British Failed, the Russians Failed…

and now the Americans are failing.


This country has already proven to be the nemesis of other great nations. The arrogance of the Americans to think they could do it. There is no way that Afghanistan can be tamed and brought to heel.

The Taliban is just too strong.

The people have grown to distrust the Americans and NATO and prefer the rough justice of the Taliban to the complicity of the western nations.

Why Taliban are so strong in Afghanistan

Many doubt Afghan forces will be able to withstand the Taliban after 2014

Nato has invested hundreds of billions of dollars over the past 10 years trying to raise a modern army for Afghanistan and to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

But if a leaked classified report prepared by the alliance is to believed, all this will go to waste soon after foreign combat forces withdraw in 2014.

The latest in a series of leaks suggests that Nato is much more worried about the course of the war than it lets on in public.

Nato has tried to play down the importance of the report by calling it a “compilation of opinions expressed by Taliban detainees”, but it highlights many failures in the decade-long war in Afghanistan.

The harsh reality is that an increasing number of Afghans are turning to the Taliban, having grown mistrustful of Nato and Afghan forces.

In remote parts of the country where the government rules only on paper, the Taliban are often preferred.

“Americans are like Kuchi nomads,” a tribal elder from the south-east once told me. “They come with their tents for some time and before you know them, they leave.”

Source: BBC News Read more


The Americans need to take a serious look at their recent track record.

Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, drugs, terrorism, Wall St

All failures.

What has been the cost of these wars, financially, physically and to the reputation of what once was a great nation.

The combined financing of these wars must be horrendous, money that could have been spent keeping America great.

The lives lost, entire generations of young Americans decimated and sacrificed for the greed of the military suppliers. Oh, they didn’t die for their country, they were sacrificed by the government bowing to their corporate masters.

America’s reputation… well, the whole world thinks that the Americans are the world’s bullies whereas once upon a time America was thought of as the world’s policeman, alas, no more. The American reputation is in shreds.

The American Dream… well that has gone too. It’s departure abetted by the financial cost of the dubiously called ‘Empire’.

Americans need to rethink.

Think outside the two-party box. Because as sure as chickens come from eggs, the two-party system is the problem.

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