One more Step to Machines Running the World

Probation officers to be replaced by electronic kiosks in pilot scheme

Juliet Lyon, of the Prison Reform Trust, said the risk in a cash-strapped climate was that technology was installed not as a supplement to, but as a poor substitute for, face-to-face contact. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

Unions are furious with government plans that will see offenders released from prison and those serving community sentences reporting to electronic kiosks rather than probation officers.

They are warning that the move, which will be introduced in a pilot scheme to be run in two London boroughs, Bexley and Bromley, and will be expanded across the capital if successful, could put the public at greater risk and is designed to cut staff numbers. But the government has defended the scheme, which will run from June until the end of the year, saying it will let probation officers spend more time with offenders.

Under the plan, offenders will log into the purple machines, located in probation service offices, using fingerprints. Biometric reporting, as it is known, is used in the US, where the machines interact with up to 300 offenders.

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This is one area where you can’t take short cuts.

Just like farming prisons out to private companies who are interested in profits and to hell with habilitation.

The world will end up paying for this.

It’s just the same as parents using TV to mind the kids, the abdication of parental control is a major part of today’s social problems and they hope to solve them using the same thinking that created them…

I shake my head.

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