10th April was a Ploy

The 10th of April was never going to happen!

Bashar al-Bastard was clapping his hands with joy when the UN agreed to 10th April. Wow, 10 more days to slaughter the terrorists in my head and the stupid UN are letting me get away with murder!

With daily reports of accelerated shelling and killing, there was no way al-Bastard had any intentions of keeping the date.

And, in today’s news…

Syria wants ‘written guarantees’ from opposition

The BBC's Jim Muir: "There have been many deaths, mostly from shelling"

Syria’s government wants “written guarantees” from the opposition before it withdraws its troops from flashpoints in parts of the country.

The foreign ministry statement comes two days before a UN-backed deadline for the violence in Syria to cease.

Peace envoy Kofi Annan had “not yet presented written guarantees on the acceptance by armed terrorist groups of a halt to all violence,” it said.

Saturday saw some of the deadliest violence yet.

As many as 160 people were killed, with activists’ videos in the Latamneh suburb of Hama city showing dead bodies being piled up in flatbed vehicles and driven away as distraught residents looked on.

Major new offensives are being reported by activists, not only in the central city of Hama, but also in the north-west province of Idlib and Aleppo, in the far north.

Severe doubt

Under Mr Annan’s six-point plan – which received UN approval last week – all parties will halt armed violence by 10 April, with a full ceasefire on 12 April.

But the foreign ministry said on Sunday that earlier reports that Damascus would pull its troops from cities and their suburbs by Tuesday “is a wrong explanation”.

Source BBC News Read more


Ah, I don’t seem to remember that part of Kofi Annan’s peace plan included “written agreements”. I may be wrong, but I am sure not.

This is just a ploy by al-Bastard to kill time for more ‘killing time.’ It is a ruse to pass the date with no fault.

Time has proved that both Russia and China were categorically wrong and the extra deaths can be laid squarely at their doors. The stalling by their vetoes has simply added about 2,000 more civilian deaths. But, of course, with both their records of human rights, that’s nothing!

al-Bastard wants a complete and unconditional surrender of the Syrian rebel forces.

Once he has this, maybe, just maybe he will stop the shelling of Syrian cities, even then there is no guarantee. But the things that can be guaranteed is there will be a massive manhunt and blood-letting of all those who opposed his pathetic regime; the other guarantee is that none of them will receive a fair trial, if a trial at all. It will be summary executions all round. Hey, great, more killing!

al-Bastard needs to be stopped in his tracks.


The world owes it to the Syrian people. The world needs to act now!



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