Publicity Stunt!

Roger Waters says Falklands should be Argentine, attacks Cameron’s ‘bullshit’

Chilean TV airs interview in which Pink Floyd founder condemns British policy on islands contested by Argentina

oger Waters at the presidential palace in Santiago, Chile. Television stations in Chile and Argentina have aired an interview in which the Pink Floyd founder says the Falkland Islands 'should be Argentine'. Photograph: Mario Ruiz/EPA

Chilean television has transmitted the controversial interview with Roger Waters in which the former Pink Floyd rock star says he believes the Falkland Islands, claimed by Argentina as “Las Malvinas”, should ultimately be considered Argentine.

To the question: “Falklands? Malvinas? What is your take? Is it British or is it Argentine?” by Chilean journalist Amaro Gómez-Pablos, Waters replies: “I think it should be Argentine.

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Another failing artist sticking his beak into something he knows absolutely nothing about, is nothing more than a publicity stunt to ensure the Argentine fans buy tickets to their shows and they are a sell out.

I have just erased all references to and music of Pink Floyd from my archives.

And, call on all patriots who support the self determination of the Falklands by the Falklands to do the same.


In a post on Tomus Arcanum, I outlined the history of the Falklands, after some considerable research. It is interesting to note, that I can find no other reference to the claim on a BBC News time line by: “The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Relations says (pdf) the Malvinas were discovered by members of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s expedition in 1520, and that he was navigating at the service of Spain. However, he did not land on the islands.”

In the Ferdinand Magellan page time line there is no reference to his sighting of the Falklands on the 1520 expedition. As he came south from Rio de Janeiro to Puerto San Julian (southern Argentina), where he wintered over, there is no reason to assume that he would have even seen the islands some 300kms off course.

History has been recorded as the first British sighting (not landing) was in 1592; and the first landing in 1690.

The French were the first to have a settlement on the islands in 1794, the British, unaware of the French, arrived in 1795, a year later.

1766 saw the French sell the islands to Spain.

1771 Serious diplomatic negotiations involving Britain, Spain and France produce the Exchange of Declarations, whereby Port Egmont was restored to Britain.

Exit the Spanish, and thereby the Argentinian claim they inherited the islands from Spain.

Argentina only became independent in 1816, so Spain could not have ‘given’ the islands to Argentina, because they weren’t theirs to ‘give’ having ceded control to Britain in 1771.

It wasn’t until an Argentinian privateer tried to claim the islands in 1820 some 50 years after they were already British, in an act that was considered illegal at the time even in Buenos Aires.

Historically and factually, Argentina is clutching at straws.

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