Hark! Is that the Voice(s) of Reason I Hear?

Argentina intellectuals query Falkland Islands policy

The Falklands row has sparked protests in recent weeks in Argentina

A group of Argentine intellectuals has challenged the government’s ambition to take control of the Falkland Islands from the British.

The 17 writers urged the government to recognise the right of the islanders to decide their own future.

They also say Argentina’s demand for negotiations with the UK contradicts its insistence on sovereignty.

Tension has been rising in the run-up to the 30th anniversary of the war the two countries fought over the islands.

The intellectuals issued a joint statement titled An Alternative Vision of the Malvinas (Falklands).

Among the signatories are the journalist Jorge Lanata, historians Luis Alberto Romero and Hilda Sabato, cultural critic Beatriz Sarlo, and constitutional law expert Daniel Sabsay.

‘Nationalist agitation’

They argued that the government’s actions were out of proportion to the importance of the issue, and had little relation to the “major political, social and economic problems” the country faces.

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Yes, a voice(s) of reason, certainly they did not come from a politician. Politicians are incapable of reason.

As I see it; ALL the aggression and demands over sovereignty have originated in Argentina, and yet they say the British are the aggressors. The futile accusation that Britain is militarising the South Atlantic is a load of old bollocks, Britain militarised the South Atlantic 30 years ago after the Argentinians foolishly attacked the Falkland Islands. Maybe that point was missed by Argentina, well, at least Kirchner.

It is noted, that Argentina has not considered, nor mentioned, nor given any guarantees over the people who live there. Argentina therefore, can be considered in breach of the human factor.

There is also the high possibility that Kirchner is using the Falklands issue and stirring up the people to mask internal government goings on that the Argentine people may not be all that thrilled about.

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