What a Friggin’ Joke?

China’s Xi defends rights record…

China Vice-President Xi Jinping in US visit

Barack Obama: "It is absolutely vital that we have a strong relationship with China"

China’s leader-in-waiting, Xi Jinping, has defended his country’s human rights record, during a visit to Washington.

At a State Department lunch, the Chinese vice-president admitted that there was “room for improvement” on human rights.

Separately, Mr Xi and US President Barack Obama discussed trade and currency issues, as well as China’s stance on Syria, officials said.

Mr Obama said a strong relationship between the two nations was “vital”.

Mr Xi, meanwhile, said he hoped his visit would deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the two powers.

The 58-year-old is expected to succeed China’s President Hu Jintao, who must retire as head of the Communist Party later this year and from the presidency in 2013.

Source: BBC News Read more


What a friggin’ joke?

Firstly Obama should be damned well ashamed that he his even consorting with China.

China’s human rights record is one of the most dismal on the planet.

Think about Tibet, Taiwan, Xinjiang… China doesn’t know the meaning of human rights!

It’s disgraceful that the world is kow towing to China.

“Mr Obama said he “welcomed China’s peaceful rise,”[in trade]” Bloody hypocrate! Unfair trade practices, currency manipulation; this is aggression, there is nothing peaceful about that.

Until China forgets it’s ambitions for Taiwan, until China returns Tibet’s freedom there ought to be no latitude given.

China’s human rights record is a blight, a plague, a pestilence and a canker against all that is humanity.

“Of course, there is always room for improvement when it comes to human rights,” he [Xi] added.

Room for improvement… room… I don’t believe he said that, I don’t believe he has the gall to minimise it in that way.

They can’t run their own country decently and they had the affront to veto the UN resolution on Syria. Of course, it is obvious that China would see nothing wrong with what Bashar al Bastard is doing in Syria, they’re doing the same thing in Tibet, there’s nothing wrong there…

I temper that with the report in BBC News that apparently Xi was personally disappointed with the veto decision. If he is then maybe China will be better off under his ‘rule’, maybe Tibet can look with hope.

I would like to think so.



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