There is still time

The ruination of America

“There is still time to pull back from the brink, but it requires a specific set of policies: breaking up big banks, banning derivatives, raising interest rates to make the US a magnet for capital, cutting government spending, eliminating capital gains and corporate income taxes, going to a personal flat tax, and reducing regulation on job-creating businesses. However, the likelihood of these policies being put in place seems remote – so the dollar collapse scenario must be considered.”

– James Rickards

Wall Street insider

Source: Running ‘Cause I can’t Fly


These are the things that Romney, etc should be addressing in the caucuses, but of course they aren’t.

To do so would be political suicide, and… “I want soooo much to be president.”

They don’t care what they say or tell you, it won’t be the truth as long as they get to be president.

They don’t give a rat’s ass about you as long as they get to be president.

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