Don’t Cry for me Argentina…

Falklands: UN chief calls on UK and Argentina for calm

The UK says the HMS Dauntless is being sent to the South Atlantic as part of routine operations

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has called on Argentina and the UK to avoid an “escalation” in tensions over the disputed Falkland Islands.

His appeal came as Argentina’s foreign minister made an official complaint to the UN about the UK’s “militarisation” in the South Atlantic.

Last month the UK said it was sending one of its newest Royal Navy destroyers to the region.

The two countries went to war in 1982 over the British overseas territory.

‘Colonial holdover’

Mr Ban’s office said in a statement that the UN secretary general had “expressed the hope that the governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom will avoid an escalation of this dispute and resolve differences peacefully and through dialogue”.

The UK says it is only carrying out routine operations in the South Atlantic, off Argentina’s east coast.

The HMS Dauntless, which is due to arrive off the Falklands in March, is among the largest and most powerful of the UK’s air defence destroyers.

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The British have maintained a presence in the South Atlantic since the Argentinians flexed their muscles in 1982, so this is not a new thing, it has been happening for 30 years and the Argentinians have just started to bleat about it.

Kirchner is making political points.



As far as claiming the Falklands, the British have more than 200 years seniority, dating back to 1592, before the Argentinians ever knew the Falklands existed in 1820.

You can read a brief history with links on Tomus Arcanum.

The people on the Falklands are British, there’s no disputing that fact. Their customs and society are British, it has been this way since 1833. Suddenly Argentina comes along. They are going to force British subjects to become Argentinians. Blood will be spilt again if they ever try.

The British Falkland Islanders don’t want to become Argentinians; they are British.

The bottom line is that the Falkland Islanders have the right to determine, and Britain will see that that right is respected, militarily if necessary.

My view is that the Falkland Islands be given independence and protected by the United Nations.

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