Blood on their Hands

Both Russia and China have Syrian blood on their hands. Blood that has been and blood that will be spilt by Bashar al-Bastard.

The Russians want a mediated solution, that idea is farcical. al-Bastard has thumbed his nose at the world, he has thumbed his nose at the Arab League, just as he will thumb his nose at the Russians.

al-Bastard is not interested in anything that will water down his megalomania. He is an A-Grade Bastard.

The UN was at least trying to afford a solution, they kow-towed to Russian demands and diluted the message that the Russians still sought to veto.

I am not in favour of the ‘Libyan’ solution, but in the end, if it was necessary, then so be it.

The Bastard has to be stopped.

The Syrian people deserve the chance to make their own future, but they cannot do so without assistance of some form from the rest of the world against the heavy hand of the dictator.

The mainstream media has been saying ‘more than 5,000’ have been killed by al-Bastard since the fighting began. That number has been quoted for nearly two months; in the meantime we daily read of more deaths, 200 in one day, by my reckoning that number should be revised to 7,000+.

al-Bastard cries in desperation, “but 2,000 troops have also died” sorry, I don’t give a shit. They died by the hands of al-Bastard just as surely as the freedom fighters.

As for al-Bastard bleating that the country’s problems are caused, first by armed gangs, then by terrorists, then by other countries, he just doesn’t know, he’s clutching at straws; let’s face it he will blame anybody but himself. This is the indelible watermark of a dictator. The same as all the other dictators that have existed, they are never at fault.

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