Not one serious issue

Comedy Duo, but they're not funny

I have just been reading a report on BBC News about the great Gingrich/Romney mudslinging match in Florida.

I find it absolutely laughable, not a single serious issue was tackled.

Immigration… that’s no longer relative!

More Mexicans are going back to Mexico than are coming in because they can see what is happening in the USA and they don’t want any part of the degeneration to civil war.

The candidates should be more worried about EMIGRATION!

Many intelligent Americans have seen the same writing on the wall as the Mexicans. Daily more and more Americans are considering the necessity to move overseas taking their money and their job skills with them. They too want to avoid the eventual chaos that is unfolding before their eyes. Just yesterday I saw a list with the best most viable options to be considered if you’re planning to emigrate or retire; lists like this don’t appear if there is not a need.

Both candidates live in glass houses and yet they are both throwing stones… How intelligent is that?

The candidates need to get their teeth into the real issues that affect Americans.

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