Life in Damascus far from normal as crisis deepens

A car used by Arab League monitors was attacked in Damascus

Damascus on a rainy winter’s evening. The lights are blazing, the traffic flows smoothly, the smart boutiques of the new town and the souks in the old city seem busy enough.

But for all the assurances of the government, life in the Syrian capital is far from normal.

“We don’t work well, we don’t sleep well,” one middle-class woman, a graphic designer in her thirties, tells me. “We are scared.”

She doesn’t take part in street protests herself. Like many others, she thinks it is too dangerous. But she certainly supports their aim.

And those protests – once mainly in towns well away from Damascus – now spring up ever more frequently in suburbs of the capital, creeping closer and closer, it appears, to the well-guarded centre.

Source: BBC News Read more

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