I am appalled

At the result of the South Carolina poll.

Red Spotted Newt

A Newt is a slimy amphibian with toxins, pretty much the same as a politician of the same name.

The Red-Spotted Newt is actually quite a handsome beast, which cannot be said of the Flabby-Jowled Newt that is found drooling around caucuses and primaries; that Newt will neither be sainted nor martyred… pilloried maybe.

Doesn’t he get his nuts in a twist when he doesn’t get his own way; very puerile. Maybe he should talk to his tailor about his dressing, then his nuts mightn’t be so twisted.

Yes, I am appalled that Americans can’t see that Newt Gingrich is as slimy and poisonous as a Newt. He is spoiled and cantankerous, he throws tantrums like a small boy who can’t get want he wants; and you idiots have just put him in the lead for Repugnican nominee.


My opinion now is that if the Newt becomes the presidential candidate, then America has got to stick with Obama. *rushes off to wash mouth out with soap*

An independent candidate would be the better option, because Obama has reneged on everything that he was elected for. But the possibility of the Newt becoming president is surely the road paved to hell and damnation and further.

A Romney Marsh Sheep

I have admitted that I am not American and know the rudiments of American politics, but this poll is shows that Americans understand even less than I do; proven by the fact that Mitt Romney (remembering, of course, that a romney is a breed of sheep…

Sheep follow the leader, they don’t make decisions.

Except that this Romney has already amassed his vast riches at the expense of the American people.


Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid…..

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