Repugnicans & Democraps

Once upon a time... to be an American was something to be proud of, alas no longer

I am NOT American; and for that I am thankful.

Given that I am not American my knowledge of the American political arena is superficial, maybe a little deeper than just superficial. But that is not to say I haven’t made some observations along the way as the system gears up for the elections.

Notably, of course, is the current round of caucuses for a nominee to challenge the incumbent Obama. Of the six candidates, five aren’t worth considering. And how the hell Mitt Romney got to where he is after Iowa and NH will remain for me a mystery.

This is how I currently see America

There is only one candidate who is challenging the status quo. It is this status quo that has got America so close to being covered in shit that to continue is catastrophic.

Therefore any vote that does not seriously challenge the way things are is a vote for the inevitable.

Now, I am not saying that the Democraps are the flavour of the day either; but the Repugnicans are just as bloody dangerous, both parties will ensure the total collapse of America.

The American people have got to see through the façade of both parties, they are tarred with the same brush, their ideals are the same, they are both hell bent on the ruination of the country to benefit their masters.

The government does not run the country.

That is a myth.

Both parties sold out to the corporations years ago. The fact that the USA is a democracy is a farce, it’s a joke; the whole world can see it but the American people can’t. The American people have been led to the chopping block like Thanksgiving turkeys fed and fattened on American Idol instead of corn.

The corporations have no conscience, they are raping and plundering the country beyond redemption.

CEOs earning $XXX million dollars, NO MAN is worth that amount of money. The money and bonuses paid to these bastards is OBSCENE! It is an insult to intelligent people.

The only hope that America might be salvaged is to rid the system of both parties, a complete purge. Any person who votes for either party is a domestic terrorist, a traitor to the nation. The answer, at least the minimal hope that America has is the Independent candidates not affiliated to the corporations. They are the only hope of ridding the country of the cancerous scourge that currently purports to be the government.

Occupy Wall Street was a great idea. It was the voice of the people who wanted to be heard. It was the voice of people who were prepared to stand up and say “This is wrong!”

But the myopic apathetic “American Dreamers” have let them down.

Occupy Wall Street was America’s chance, but you blew it!

If you are thinking on becoming an Independent, you are not alone…

The American independent: A voter on the rise

Ron Paul's support was buoyed by independent voters

Independent voters are at an all-time high in the US. But who are they?

This week, the Gallup organisation reported that more Americans identify as “independent” than ever before, and now well outnumber their Republican and Democratic counterparts.

Forty percent of Americans defined themselves as independent voters, compared to 27% who said they were Republicans and 31% who said they were Democrats, according to Gallup.

In the New Hampshire primary almost half the voters identified as independent, buoying support for the eventual second-placed candidate, Ron Paul.

The rise of independent voters speaks to the electorate’s increasing frustration with the current political climate. But it is also a particularly American phenomenon based on centuries of political and social narrative.

Proud decision

“Independent” is more than a political label indicating [someone who is] not identified as a Democrat or Republican, says Nancy Rosenblum, professor of government at Harvard, in an email to the BBC. “It broadcasts wholesale anti-partisanship.”

In that sense, calling oneself “Independent” is as much about declaring an identity as rejecting one.

Source: BBC News Read more

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