USA Blackmails Peru

Peru replaces controversial drug tsar Ricardo Soberon

Ricardo Soberon suspended eradication in Huallaga, Peru's second largest coca producing region

Peru, one of the world’s largest producers of cocaine, has replaced its drug tsar, Ricardo Soberon.

He had come under criticism last year for temporarily suspending coca eradication efforts in the Huallaga region, where much coca is grown.

Mr Soberon said the eradication programme had not had much success.

The move raised concern about Peru’s commitment to the fight against the illegal growing of coca, the raw material for making cocaine.

Mr Soberon’s successor is Carmen Masias, who has said she thinks the destruction of coca crops is a vital part of the fight against drugs.

She has previously worked for an anti-drug charity, which is partly funded by the United States.

Cocaine exporter

In August 2011, Mr Soberon said that coca eradication in Huallaga would be halted while his office re-evaluated the eradication programme.

The move caused concern in the United States, which helps finance the Peruvian eradication efforts.

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The problem isn’t Peru, nor Peru’s growing of coca. The problem is the USA and other countries that have a drug problem.

You fix your drug problem at home!

Leave Peru alone. Coca is a traditional plant grown there and other parts of South America for use in the high altitudes of the Andes. Coca is not a drug. Cocaine is the drug, it is made to satisfy markets in the first world, therefore it is a first world problem, fix it in the first world. If you can’t, then that’s your look out, you take the consequences.

Don’t shove the blame on Peru and make them sack people for taking a responsible look at the problem so that you can get your patsy Masias in to do the dirty work because she agrees with your shitty policies.

The fact that the problem of cocaine exists shows what a sick society the first world is.

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