Could this be the Case?

Two Koreas ‘at a turning point’ says South president

The Korean peninsula is at a “turning point” and there are opportunities for change, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said in a new year speech.

He said Seoul would “respond strongly” if provoked by North Korea, with whom it remains technically at war.

But he said that the biggest goal was stability, and that aid-for-disarmament talks could resume if Pyongyang halted its nuclear activities.

On Sunday North Korea told citizens to defend leader Kim Jong-un to the death.

Kim Jong-un has succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il, who died on 17 December at the age of 69.

On Friday, the country’s powerful National Defence Commission warned the outside world to expect no change from the new leadership.

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I am too young to remember the “war,” apparently it wasn’t actually a war, it was officially a police action. But the crux was that it never ended, it stalemated in a ceasefire that has never been ratified. So I have lived all my life knowing two Koreas, one a prospering nation to the south, while the northern one steadily became more and more impoverished.

I have never looked into what caused the police action, and therefore don’t understand what Korea was like before it.

However, that doesn’t stop me from wondering about the present day; and, having an opinion.

North Korea was under the command of Kim Il-sung for 40 years, then Kim Jong-il from the time of his father’s death 17 years ago, now it is the turn of Kim Jong-un. I don’t say that Korea has been ruled; ruling implies a leader with a degree of benevolence. North Korea has been commanded, there has never been benevolence, only greed.

The thought that Kim Jong-un maybe be a ‘trend-setter’ had crossed my mind when I was writing My Predictions… 2012, which is exactly why I had omitted to mention him there, I was, and am still, actually in mid-thought on the matter. I am raising it at this time because of the headline and, obviously because of the length the idea has become, also by the fact that I am undecided.

Is it just possible that Kim Jong-un could be North Korea’s ‘Raul Castro’? That is the thought that has been congealing in my grey matter. I am not even sure if the two cases can be compared, or indeed how similar or disimilar they may be.

I would like to think that in light of Kim Jong-uns age, being considerably younger than his forebears that he maybe be better educated and less brainwashed by errant ideals.

This young man has the possibility to become one of the greatest statesmen on the planet if he has the courage to deviate from the previous government line. Does he have the disposition to realise that?

He has the power at his fingertips to mend a 57 year old rift, that has caused military anguish, social misery and international condemnation and isolation.

I guess, basically what I am asking is, does he have a brain?

And, if he does, will the military commanders let him use it?

A chance to reunite the two Koreas would be a monumental achievement that would ensure that he is remembered in history as a great man, a statesman, a man of courage, a man of conviction, he will have books written about him, his people will love him, he will receive plaudits from around the globe, his people will truly cry at his passing and not need to be coerced into showing emotion.

However, if he fails, then he will merely be remembered as simply ‘another despot.’ An inglorious, ignoble end.

Can he recognise that his hands hold the future?

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