My Predictions… 2012

The Mayan Calendar isn't a part of it

Everybody who’s anybody is making predictions these days, why not somebody who is nobody?

All this information has been gleaned from the news and happenings around the world tempered with my own thoughts. It makes dismal reading, especially when you consider that this is all possible this year.

2011 was a disaster, actually every year since 2007 has been; but will look like a picnic after 2012 is done.

2012 is going to have some radical changes. I have no good news.

:: The climate: Worsening, floods will be bigger, storms, monsoons, tornadoes and hurricanes will become more furious; temperature extremes greater, hotter will get hotter, colder will get colder. The aurgument as to whether it is man’s fault is now irrelevent.

:: Natural disasters: Earthquakes and volcanoes more frequent and more violent.

:: Radio, telephone and internet services, and probably power, will be affected by solar activity as the sun nears its 11 year cycle in 2013.

:: Europe will implode financially, as a result hyper inflation will hit the USA. The Euro is in imminent danger of total collapse.

:: The Chinese renminbi becomes the world currency.

:: The American elections will be cast in doubt and have similar problems to the 2011 Russian election.

:: Iran will foolishly and pigheadedly close the Hormuz Straight, igniting the region.

:: The Syria problem hasn’t been settled and sides with Iran.

:: The US will retaliate, within 24 hours Israel will cease to be.

:: Great Britain will be drawn into the conflict as well as various European nations.

:: The US will lose the Iran offensive and will retreat like a whipped puppy with its forces in tatters; you cannot fight religious zealots.

:: Further sectarian violence will explode across the globe as extremist groups vie for control.

:: China will try to control the South China Sea region, with the possibility of war against the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. With the rest of the world already occupied they know it is their chance for survival, especially in the oil stakes.

:: Occupy Wall Street movement will cross the US like a tidal wave as the population wake up from the American dream.

:: The first public hangings in the USA will begin, ironically, in Zucotti Park as the US sinks into the financial mire. No need to say who will be hung.

:: The Federal Reserve and probably Washington D.C. will be surrounded by a million unhappy Americans, none will escape alive.

:: The government will call on military, police and reserves to try to contain the restive and FEMA Camps will be filled, the inmates will ‘just disappear’ as more and more are incarcerated.

:: Occupy Wall Street becomes a civil war as the people see the true intent behind the Patriot and National Defence Acts. The American people will see the American Spring as hundreds of thousands take to the streets and mean business.

:: With the US forces concentrated overseas and at home, there will be no gasoline, food shortages and production will shut down.

:: The possibility of a bloodbath like America has never seen before, nor anticipated, will have begun. The wick was lit years ago and has been smouldering, sputtering for decades and it is now close to the explosives. Watch for the BANG!

:: Americans will flee the cities to escape the violence and find food. This will pit Americans against Americans and it will be a matter of the survival of the fittest.

:: Countries like Brazil are in the best position to survive, although the global events will still take their toll.

:: Good news, the chances of the world being struck by an errant object from space remains as remote as ever, but not impossible.

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