As Rome fell; so will the USA

Decline of the Roman Empire

After the Pax Romana, the Roman Empire started to decline. The reasons were political and economic, and they had problems with foreigners. After the guard killed Commudus, they sold power to the highest bidder. This led to chaos every time a leader died. All leaders became dictators, and almost all were killed by their guards. The Roman Empire had 26 leaders in the next 50 years.

Source: History Classes

U.S. Income Inequality Higher Than Roman Empire’s Levels: Study

Many tout the U.S. as the Roman empire of the modern world. But as it turns out, that comparison may not be all good.

Income inequality in America is at levels even higher than those in ancient Rome, according to a recent study from two historians, Walter Schiedel and Steven Friesen, cited by Per Square Mile. After analyzing papyri ledgers, biblical passages and other previous scholarly estimates, the researchers found that the top one percent of earners in Ancient Rome controlled 16 percent of the society’s wealth. By comparison, the top one percent of American earners control 40 percent of the country’s wealth, according to Vanity Fair. (h/t ThinkProgress)

The findings add to the growing chorus of studies and criticisms indicating that the wealth gap is hitting truly remarkable levels. The top one percent saw their incomes rise by 275 percent between 1979 and 2007, according to the Congressional Budget Office, while the bottom fifth of earners only saw their incomes grow by 20 percent during that same period.

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My reading seems to indicate that as the mighty Roman Empire fell through economic and political problems so will the American ‘Empire’. You can’t refute history, neither can you refute that history repeats itself.

By my reckoning, and that is supported by the above study, is that the Fall of the American ‘Empire’ will be harder and faster than Rome’s demise; and that thought is supported by the greater disparity shown.

Whereas Rome declined from the 2nd century until the first quarter of the 5th, a period of a little more than 200 years. At the time of Rome’s decline 1% held 16% of the wealth; in the US that figure, as quoted above, is 40%. If you take the time to do the math, the Fall of the American ‘Empire’ will happen in just 80 years, remembering that the decline started in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Which means that the American ‘Empire’ has been living on borrowed time since 1993.

The collapse is imminent, due any day, today, tomorrow…

NB: You might well wonder why I refer to the American ‘Empire’ with empire in quotes. Because America never was an empire, that term was coined to make Americans feel good. To be an empire, you need to have an emperor, and America only has only had measly presidents; who, I might add became dictators, just like the Roman emperors (history repeating itself).


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