Cutting Services

The Famous British Post Box

Every where these days you see services being cut, bus and trains, services of every kind. Now I read on BBC that the Post Office is cutting services:

Post Office changes spark small business fears

Small firms will be forced to make costly journeys for postal services owing to changes to the Post Office network, a business group has warned.

Hundreds of branches are set to be replaced with Post Office Locals, which are found in shops, petrol stations and pubs.

But the Federation of Small Businesses worries the new, limited outlets will not serve the needs of some firms.

Source: BBC News Read more


I may be stupid, but to cut services to save money is an arse-about-face way of doing things. You cut services and you drive your customer base to the competitors. You cut services and you create more unemployment; is it no wonder that Britain has just posted it’s highest unemployment rate for many years.

The buses in Rio de Janeiro did this a few years ago, cut services with less frequency and people got fed up with being crammed like sardines with 100+ passengers in a bus designed to have 70-odd, and this opened the way for alternative transport, the population flocked to the vans and kombis because the bus service became inadequate. Now the local mafia-like groups and militias run the vans, creating a criminal element that has got out of control. The council won’t license sufficient vans and there are all sorts of illegals running services.

If you want to make money you have to have a service. If you’re not making money then you are doing something wrong, cutting services on exacerbates the problem and creates peripheral problems like unemployment.

Quite honestly, some of these guv’nors couldn’t organise “a fuck up in a brothel!”

No wonder the world is sliding backwards in the black hole of a maximum depression.

Oh, 2000, 2007/8 they were nothing. 2009 was never a recovery, it was a burp in the recession, 2010, 2011 became worse. All predictions say “game over!” in 2012.

Cutting services is just “game, set and match.”

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