US Sheriff Joe Arpaio ‘discriminated against Hispanics’

Joe Arpaio is said to have helped shape the US debate over illegal immigration

A lawman known for his tough stance on immigration has routinely discriminated against Hispanics, according to a federal investigation.

A US Department of Justice report found Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office had flouted US civil rights laws by racially profiling Hispanics.

Violations included unlawful arrest and detention, discriminatory jail practices and denial of services.

It comes as the Supreme Court reviews Arizona’s tough immigration law.

Sheriff Arpaio has styled himself as America’s toughest sheriff, and has been known to jail inmates in tents and dress them in pink underwear.

The justice department investigation into the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) was launched during the administration of President George W Bush.

Published on Thursday, its report requires the office to reform its practices or lose millions of dollars in federal funding.

The sheriff has until 4 January to say whether he will comply, or the federal government says it will sue him.

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Why is this useless ‘Sack o’ Shit’ sheriff still in office?

The bigoted asshole should have been sacked on the spot and in jail himself.

Anything that merits the support of this racist ‘turd-for-brains’ sheriff, including Gov Rick Perry must be seen to be valued about the same as a sack o’ shit too.

This myopic ‘sheriff’ (I use quotes because he dirties the title) is not a ‘man’ he is lower than an animal, because even animals don’t resort to this behaviour.

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