Iran reject US request to return captured drone

Iranian TV showed the unmanned “stealth” aircraft apparently undamaged


Iran has rejected a US call for the return of an American spy drone captured by Iran’s military.

The aircraft was now “property” of Iran and it was up to Iran to decide what to do with it, defence minister Ahmad Vahidi said.

Tehran captured the RQ-170 Sentinel earlier this month in eastern Iran. Mr Vahidi said the US should apologise for invading Iranian air space.

Tehran says it brought the drone down, but the US insists it malfunctioned.

“The American espionage drone is now Iran’s property, and our country will decide what steps to take regarding it,” Mr Vahidi was quoted as saying by Isna news agency, following a call for the aircraft’s return by US President Barack Obama.

Source: BBC News Read more


Surprise, surprise.

It’s all a lot of political posturing, Even Clinton said she had doubts about the possibility of Iran returning it. I had no doubts at all as to what the answer would be considering the posturing between the two.  Iran would consider this to be the proverbial feather in its cap.

The loss is certainly a blow to the USA, but they’ll build another one while several more families go homeless, more families can’t afford to feed the kids and more highways fall into disrepair.

America knows where its priorities are.


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