Human Right Watch: West ‘ignores Uzbekistan abuses’

Uzbekistan has become a major supply route to NATO forces in Afghanistan

Western governments are ignoring human rights abuses in Uzbekistan as they seek closer ties with the country, Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.

In a new report, the campaign group says Uzbekistan is continuing to use torture in its criminal justice system.

The report documents cases of detainees being subjected to physical and psychological torture.

Western countries have dramatically weakened their stance on human rights in the central Asian country, it says.

The 107-page document makes for a chilling read…

Source: BBC News Read more


Another case of the USA and others doing what they want.

“That’s because Uzbekistan borders Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan has this single functioning rail line from the north to the south into Afghanistan”, Mr Swerdlow told the BBC.

“And the United States and the EU have of late, moved away from criticising the human rights situation in favour of co-operating with the country in order to supply their troops in Afghanistan,” he says.

Washington officials insist that it is important to remove restrictions on military aid.

“We need this waiver to allow the United States to provide defensive equipment to enhance Uzbekistan’s ability to protect its border through which a lot of cargo that is destined for our troops in Afghanistan is passing,” says US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake.

Quote from the above BBC article.

The arseholes, then why don’t they get out of Afghanistan then they won’t need this bullshit to supply the troops and can get on to the real issue of Human Rights Abuses.

The USA really needs to play in its own backyard.

Oh, but then they’re going to do that. That’s why they are preparing the FEMA (read Concentration) Camps all over America for ‘domestic terrorists’.


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