Newt Gingrich Couldn’t run a Walmart!

I doubt he has the intelligence to tie his own shoe laces

…and he wants to run America?

The idea is laughable.

His lastest gaff calling Palestinians an “invented” people and “terrorists”. Shows that he clearly has no idea of the history of the matter.

“Remember there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman empire,” he said.

Check the history books. The first use of the name Palestine was around the 5th century and it was known by various similar names as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Rameses III c. 1150BC. Ah, and for the simple minded Gingrich, that means that Palestine existed  more than a millennium before Christ.

The similar names, mentioned above, have come about by etymological changes throughout three millennia. You do understand ‘etymology’ Gingrich; it’s what you Americans have done to English in about 500 years, imagine what American English will be like after another more than two millennia. People might even be saying that the American people are an ‘invented’ people. Hell, we already know they are terrorists.

Philistines are older than Christianity

Pilistu became Philistine, which became Palestine. Pilistu was first used by the Assyrians, a known fact, in 800BC. Aristotle (whose intelligence I prefer over the lack of the same in Gringrich) referred to Palestine in Meteorology when referring to the anomally of buoyancy in the Dead Sea, oh, when was that? Ah, yes, 350BC, still before Christ.

Modern archaeologists and historians of the region refer to their field of study as Syro-Palestinian archaeology. There is no mention of Israel there.

So, Newt Gingrich, get your facts straight before you begin frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog.


This is my response to the BBC News article today reporting Gingrich’s comments in a television interview on Friday and in a candidates’ debate on Saturday..

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