The ‘Rot’ goes deeper than anyone knows

CIA ‘secret prison’ found in Romania – media reports

Former CIA operatives said the building was used to interrogate terrorism suspects, including Khaled Sheikh Mohammed

The CIA operated a secret prison in the Romanian capital Bucharest where terrorism suspects were interrogated, an investigation by the Associated Press and German media has found.

Former CIA operatives identified the building where, they said, detainees were held and tortured.

The building belongs to a Romanian agency, Orniss, which stores classified information from the EU and Nato.

Orniss has denied hosting a CIA prison and the CIA has refused to comment.

The investigation, by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and the German TV network ARD, said those held in the secret prison included Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, who has admitted organising the 9/11 attacks.

He was seized in Pakistan in March 2003 under the US programme known as “extraordinary rendition” – the extra-judicial detention and transfer of terrorism suspects.

He has been in the US detention centre at Guantanamo Bay since 2006, where he is awaiting trial.

‘Bright Light’

The building identified in the German investigation houses the Office of the National Register for Secret State Information, or Orniss.

Orniss has denied all claims that its premises were used as a CIA prison.

Asked whether the building was ever used to hold Islamist terrorism suspects, Orniss deputy head Adrian Camarasan told the Sueddeutsche: “Here? No!”

The building, at 4 Mures Street, was codenamed “Bright Light”, the Sueddeutsche reported

One former CIA operative who said he visited the site frequently was quoted as saying: “It was very discreet there. It was not as though Romanian officials came out to greet me.”

Allegations of a network of CIA “black sites” in countries including Romania first surfaced in 2005 but were denied by Washington.

In 2007, an investigation by the Council of Europe accused Romania of operating a secret prison – accusations denied by Bucharest. The CIA called the report “biased and distorted” and said it had operated legally.

Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty on Thursday welcomed the new report.

“The dynamic of truth has run its course and we are at last beginning to learn what really happened in Bucharest,” he said in a statement.

However, he criticised the lack of what he called a “serious judicial inquiry” in Romania.

Source: BBC News Read more


Just another chapter in the American book of dirty tricks. Always, CIA, FBI involvement with or without presidential consent.

I find it so staggering that these American agencies have been permitted to infiltrate almost every corner of the world unchecked; responsible to no-one.

One thing about the USA, it is probably the least transparent of any country. I almost guarantee that there are dirty tricks and foul play afoot that the American people have no idea about.


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