No guilt over crackdown – Assad

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad ‘feels no guilt’ over crackdown

Bashar al-Assad told ABC's Barbara Walters that he had given no orders for violence to be used against protesters

Syria’s president has said that he feels no guilt about his crackdown on a 10-month uprising, despite reports of brutality by security forces.

In an interview with the US network ABC, Bashar al-Assad said he had given no orders for violence to be used against protesters but admitted “mistakes” were made.

He said he did not own the security forces or the country.

At least 4,000 people have been killed since the uprising began, the UN says.

However, Mr Assad said the UN was not credible.

Syria blames the violence on “armed criminal gangs”.

The US later rejected President Assad’s assertions that he did not order the killing of protesters.

“The United States and many, many other nations around the world who have come together to condemn the atrocious violence in Syria perpetrated by the Assad regime know exactly what’s happening and who is responsible.”

“It is just not credible,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

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By his own words “no guilt” Syria’s Bashar al-Bastard has forfeit the right to be considered human and the right to occupy space on this planet.

Isn’t it amazing how all the bastards blame everyone but themselves. al-Bastard blames, armed gangs; now Putin is blaming the USA, the USA is blaming al-Qeada, Israel is blaming the Palestinians, the Republicans are blaming the Democrats, the Democrats are blaming the Republicans (yes, they are both bastards), 1% is blaming 99%… and so on.

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