Japan’s Meiji recalls baby milk after caesium find

Meiji Baby Formula

Japanese milk powder maker Meiji has recalled its baby formula after discovering radioactive caesium in the product.

Shares in the firm fell 10% in early trading in Tokyo after it said it would recall 400,000 cans of the formula.

Meiji produces the milk, which is only sold in Japan, in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo.

The factory’s location is within 200 miles (320km) of the tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant.

The recall was started after tests found up to 30.8 becquerels of caesium per kilo of Meiji Step powdered milk.

The level is below recommended limits set by the Japanese government, but Meiji has gone ahead with the recall.

Milk powder is the latest foodstuff to be affected by radioactivity in Japan after shipments of beef were banned in August and rice in September, also for caesium contamination.

Source: BBC News


Japan has created it’s own demise and helped to poison the rest of the world.

Through Chernobyl and now Fukushima we have learned too much, too late.

Mankind is slowly but surely determined through its own stupidity and greed to make this planet untenable.

Nuclear power should be banned. Future nuclear plants or plans stopped, and those in use shutdown.

It is time to set damage control in motion.

Our dependence on energy is destroying us. Hydrocarbons poisoning the atmosphere, radioactivity poisoning the earth, pollution destroying food source habitats.

It will soon become a case of “Will the last man alive please turn out the lights!”

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