How Stupid Can You Get?

Today among the headlines:

French move to ban prostitution by punishing clients


France’s parliament is to debate abolishing prostitution through a crackdown which would criminalise payment for sex. 
The National Assembly will vote on a symbolic resolution drafted by a cross-party commission which, if successful, will be followed by a bill in January.
The resolution urges abolition at a time when “prostitution seems to be becoming routine in Europe”.
Some campaigners reject the bill, advocating prostitutes’ rights instead.
Around 20,000 people are believed to be working as prostitutes in France.

Source: BBC News Read more


How stupid? How utterly futile? How banal? 

Many witches were merely prostitutes

Prostitution will never be, and cannot ever be stopped.

Reportedly the world’s oldest profession it has survived ice ages, it has survived Jesus, it has survived religious inquisitions, witch hunts the church and defied society since the beginning of humanity.

What do they expect? Simply because of ‘another law’ it will just up and vanish?

Listen you stupid, stupid people you’re talking about sex here.

Praying mantis devours her mates

Let’s for a moment examine what sex is. The bare bones of sex (excuse the pun). Sex is what we have called the propagation of our species. It is the strongest force that exists within each and everyone of us, probably stronger than the need to eat and breathe. Other species on this vile little world die and cannibalise their mates for the need to procreate. Humans are no different, the need to procreate is why we are here. Do you really think that we are here to be nice, to make money, to invent, to get married and have 2.2 children and a nice house?

If you think this then you are stupid.

We are here to have propagate (read: have sex) our species and absolutely no other ethereal reason can change that. All the other bullshit is merely collateral damage.

A bitch searches out a suitable dog by smelling his urine. By this she can tell whether the dog would be a suitable sire for her puppies.

Mankind is the same, the woman searches for a man who can sustain her and her offspring; it’s called marriage.

Dogs are polygamous, almost every species (bar a few) are. Man is no different. Man is polygamous, the need to propagate (have sex) the man is in search for any female who thinks that he may be suitable as a sire. Yes, a sire, nothing more than that.

It doesn’t matter if the female is ‘hunted’ within society in a bar or a church social, it doesn’t matter if the woman is sitting in a window in Amsterdam or walking along Avenida Atlantica in Copacabana; man’s instinct is to have sex.

Sex for money, that’s what prostitution is, sex for money or some other form of recompense in order to survive.

What’s marriage? The same damn thing. You can have sex with me so that I may have offspring (children) as long as you support me and the children with money and physical comforts.

Yes, the bare bones of the matter is marriage is a form of prostitution.

Love, what about love?

Love is merely what we call the satisfaction, the emotion of finding a person suitable for her ends. It might well be called ‘success’.

Love is a female emotion. Men never love, the equivalent emotion is men is lust, which can also be translated as ‘success’.

I hear you, if love doesn’t exist; how do you explain homosexuals?

My answer is another question, have you never seen a dog mount another dog, or a bitch do the same to another bitch? If you haven’t, then I have; and I have seen it a lot more often than I have seen homosexual couples kissing in the street. Dogs often do this as a form of dominance.

The need for sex is so strong that regardless of what man does, like making banal laws, you’ll never stop it.

You can look at the desire to control sex in another light. The people can be controlled through their need for sex or their fear.

Why do you think that the church exists? To control man. Those in power want the people subjugated and under control, the church is nothing more than a government instilled propaganda machine.

If you want to rid the world of prostitution the you have to look at the root cause… the church and church sanctioned prostitution – marriage.

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