Congratulations – Iceland

China tycoon Huang Nubo angered by Iceland land move

The area Huang Nubo had wished to buy is close to Iceland's Vatnajokull National Park

A Chinese business tycoon who hoped to buy a swathe of land in north-east Iceland has hit out at the government’s decision to reject his bid.

Earlier this year Huang Nubo offered a billion krona (£5.4m; $8.8m) for the 300sq km (115 sq mile) Grimsstadir a Fjollum region.

But late last week Iceland’s interior ministry said the deal did not comply with land sale rules.

Mr Huang accused the West of double standards.

“The rejection sent a message to Chinese investors that you are welcome to emigrate, or to buy properties and luxury goods, but if you want to engage in anything related with natural resources, you’re not welcome here,” he told the Global Times newspaper.

“We always hear some Western countries urging China to be more open, but at the same time, they set up trade barriers and guard against Chinese investors and companies.”

‘No precedent’

Mr Huang had wanted to turn the land – about 0.3% of Iceland’s total land mass – into an eco-tourist resort and golf course.

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Iceland needs to be congratulated on this refusal. The best eco-tourism is to leave the environment intact, not destroy it to build a resort.

I would wager Huang Nubo doesn’t give shit about ecology, or tourism, environmental crap unless it makes money. Money is what counts, nothing else.

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