Palestine Granted Full Membership in UNESCO


UNESCO grants Palestinians full membership in vote – Reuters

Congratulations Palestine!

Palestinians ask Unesco for seat at Paris meeting

Unesco's 193 members are more likely than the UN Security Council to accept the Palestinian membership bid

Palestinian leaders are asking for Palestine to be admitted as a member of the UN cultural and scientific organisation, Unesco, at a vote in Paris on Monday.

Israel is strongly against the move.

The US has said it will cut funding to Unesco if the bid is approved.

The Palestinian move is aimed at gaining momentum ahead of a UN Security Council vote in November on whether Palestine should become a full United Nations member state.

Membership of Unesco – perhaps best known for its World Heritage Sites – may seem a strange step towards statehood, says the BBC’s Jon Donnison, in Ramallah, but Palestinian leaders see it as part of a broader push to get international recognition and put pressure on Israel.

Source: BBC News Read more


If the USA uses it’s veto powers at the UN to prevent membership, they will just look like bigger arseholes now. As for the USA cutting funding to UNESCO over this, UNESCO has obviously considered this and given the ‘finger’ to them.

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  1. #1 by Toshiba M35x-S163 Battery on November 1, 2011 - 3:06 am

    I am ashamed of Canada’s veto against Palestinian membership in the UNESCO! But again, it is what PM Harper stands for – racism & injustice!

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