Pakistani Politicians in the Aaloo Andey

Aaloo Andey: Satire with a bite in Pakistan

Potato and egg curry – the scourge of every Pakistani school lunch box – is the inspiration for one of the most biting and daring satires the country has seen in years. But is it too big a risk?

Aaloo Andey (potato and egg curry) is the first single from an underground band called the Bayghairat (Shameless) Brigade and the video has gone viral in Pakistan, with tens of thousands of hits on YouTube.

Its scathing lyrics take on taboo subjects such as Islamic fundamentalism and the Pakistani army chief in a way that no one has done before.

It also pours scorn on Pakistani society where ruthless killers – such as Mumtaz Qadri who killed a politician for his religious views and Ajmal Qasab the sole surviving gunman from the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks – are glorified as heroes by some.

This is a place, the song goes, where a Pakistani Nobel prize-winning physicist, Abdus Salam, is forgotten because he is from the minority, and much reviled, Ahmadi community.

Bayghairat Brigade are three young men with a sense of humour but also, clearly, with a sense of despair about Pakistan.

The potato and egg curry of the title is just a way of lamenting how Pakistani society dishes out the same old rubbish year after year.

But do the band members realise that they may have put their lives on the line? After all, journalists in Pakistan are often intimidated for pushing the boundaries of reportage.

“When we were working on the lyrics, we clearly had in our mind that this may happen,” says Daniyal Malik, a band member.

“But we wanted to create a message against the anti-democratic forces and start a debate, which we have done.”

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