Golliwogs in the News

Golly doll race charges against Jena Mason dropped

A Golliwogg

Racial harassment charges have been dropped against a Suffolk woman whose neighbour complained about a golly doll in her window.

Jena Mason, 65, of College Lane, Worlingham, was arrested after a neighbour complained to police.

Mrs Mason had denied displaying an item likely to cause racially-aggravated harassment at an earlier hearing in Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court.

The case against her was dropped after the CPS offered no evidence.

Mrs Mason was questioned after her black neighbour Rosemarie O’Donnell complained to police about the doll.

Mrs O’Donnell claimed it had caused offence to her family.

Source: BBC News Read more


I still can’t believe it; Golliwoggs cause a problem. What is it with some people, coloured or white?

A golliwogg is racist… what a load of BOLLOCKS!

The problem is that people are just too thin skinned.

I had a golly when I was a kid, I also had a Teddy bear and a koala bear, So what?

It didn’t make me racist.

Here is a photo of my youngest daughter enjoying some icecream, can you see how racist it made me (don’t forget, I am white).

I hate this issue.

Golliwoggs are NOT RACIST – people ARE!

If you find a problem with a golliwog, whether you are coloured or white or green… It is YOU who have the problem!

Leave golliwoggs alone, they are innocent.


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