Clash of the Cultures

NY bus accused of sex discrimination

Sexes sometimes sit apart on buses in the parts of the Orthodox Jewish community, US media report

New York City officials say they could shut a bus service running through an Orthodox Jewish area that is accused of asking women to sit at the back.

Officials have written to the firm operating the bus asking what they are doing to prevent discrimination.

The B110 bus is operated by a private firm under a franchising agreement with the city, but is open to the public.

A student journalist published a story this week reporting that a woman on the bus was asked to sit at the back.

Source: BBC News Read more.

Want to wear a burka, go home and wear one!


There are many such issues around the world; another is the wearing of burkas.

If people want to stick to their customs or religious beliefs, then go home and do it. Don’t try and push them on to other countries and cultures.

Never was the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” more appropriate.

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