The War Against Cannabis

… can never be won!

And it’s too damn stupid to try.

It’s the Middle-class

“I do have some very unruly types living near me at the moment who are dealing drugs,” says Amy – not her real name.

“But the times they’ve been raided and I have had a wry smile thinking ‘you’re in the wrong place, you should be over here, this is the house with all the drugs in,’ but nobody knows.”

Amy is a company executive from Cheshire’s “gin and Jag” belt. She also grows cannabis in her loft.

She started growing cannabis after a colleague told her how to do it. She had been buying cannabis for her partner, who has multiple sclerosis, but was not comfortable meeting dealers in deserted car parks.

Within weeks of finding out how to grow a decent crop in her own home, she had become the latest upmarket recruit to cannabis farming. Now she uses the proceeds to supplement her already substantial income.

Source BBC News Read more


Which all goes to show how utterly futile the war against drugs is.

Authorities (that’s an oxymoron) are spending billions on enforcement, when the billions would be better spent on education where the people benefit.

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