Barack Obama ‘will veto’ Palestinian UN bid

Barack Obama has told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas he will veto his bid for UN membership, as he tried to persuade him to drop the plans.

But Mahmoud Abbas vowed to press ahead during a meeting with the US president, the White House said afterwards.

Mr Obama had told the UN General Assembly a Palestinian state could only be achieved through talks with Israel.

Source: BBC News Read the full story.


(Caution, strong language)


They have been talking for more than 50 years.

The Israelis aren’t listening. The Israelis don’t want to listen. The Israelis want all Palestine, they aren’t happy with what the fuckheads gave them in 1948, they want the fuckin’ lot. They want to rid the world of Palestinians. They want to do to the Palestinians what Hitler nearly did to them. They Israelis are bent on genocide.

The time for TALK has gone, passed, it has missed the fuckin’ bus.

The UN needs to accept Palestine’s application before any further headway can be made.

The USA is complicit in the Israeli endeavours to obliterate the Palestinians. If Obama vetos Palestin’s application, he is ensuring that the suffering of Palestinians will continue, he is ensuring that Israel will continue with its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands…

He is ensuring the annihilation of the Palestinian people!

Further, Obama is ensuring that the American people will suffer the threat of terrorism for a long time yet.

Can’t the American government see that it is because of their meddling in Middle East affairs that they have the terrorist threat. They are blinded by their need for control of Middle East oil.

Satisfying the American insatiable dependence for oil is the only way that America can survive.

To do that, they have to bow and scrape to the Israelis so that if push comes to shove they have a base of operations to attack and control the Middle East and its oil.

It is time for the USA to lose its seat on the Security Council and power of veto for reasons of ‘vested interests.’ It is behaving irresponsibly. The world must not condone this interference any longer; enough damage has already been done by American greed.

This insanity has got to stop, the USA is only inflaming the problem by suggesting ‘talks,’ talks that have failed time and time again because of the recalcitrance and religious ideals of the Israeli Zionists.

Go on, call me anti-Semitic! I am not (I would be as vociferous with any nation doing this)! But I cannot stand aside and see the persecution of an entire race of people by another without voicing my opinion.

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