China takes popular TV talent show Super Girl off air

Chinese regulators have told a TV station to stop broadcasting a popular talent show called Super Girl.

The authorities say the programme is too long – although many suspect other reasons.

Hunan Satellite Television, which makes the programme, said it would air shows that promote moral ethics and public safety instead.

Chinese officials often ban programmes they think are too vulgar or not suitable.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) told the Hunan station that Super Girl broke time rules for this kind of show.

They should be no more than 90 minutes long, but episodes of Super Girl – in which women of all ages compete in a singing contest – can last more than three hours.

But a senior employee at the station told the BBC that regulators were jealous of the popularity and financial success of Super Girl.

“It is widely believed that the real reason for the ban is that Hunan TV’s talent programmes have been extremely popular,” she said.

“Sometimes its audience can exceed that of the national broadcaster, something that causes unhappiness in SARFT. It’s all down to interests.”

Some also suggest that the programme was too low-brow or in bad taste – a reason often given by regulators for banning a programme.

‘Moral ethics’

Source: BBC News Read more:

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