Meet Edna Cintron

Thursday, September 8, 2011

“Meet Edna Cintron”

Edna Cintron stood waving for rescue in the North Tower plane shaped hole for at least an hour. Help never came. Her picture is in the NIST reports, waving to tell us that their tales of thousand degree heat from “raging infernos” of jet fuel is a lie. She was murdered on 9/11 in the collapse of the building.
The “official” story line is that intense heat from burning jet fuel weakened the structural steel frame of the World Trade Center towers, and caused their collapse. According to Wikipedia jet fuel in an open air setting burns at 549.5 °F. nowhere near hot enough to melt steel, which melts at 2,750 °F. How, then, could heat from these fires weaken the entire steel frame of each building, all the way to the ground, 90 stories below the impact point? Obviously, it couldn’t. Use your own eyes and judgement while viewing this video. Where’s the raging inferno which allegedly destroyed these buildings? Or did it? And if heat didn’t cause the collapse of these buildings, then the government’s story is a LIE, and something else happened. What that was, and who really did the deed can be learned… “Why are you posting about this again?” I was emailed that question by a reader. Ask the families of all the victims of that day if it’s still important, since the real perpetrators have never been brought to justice, and the “official” lie was used as the pretext for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Ask them if it’s important…
– CoyotePrime


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